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Gutter cleaning is one of the most overlooked home maintenance projects.  Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until very last leaf falls before they even think about getting their gutters cleaned. Delaying gutter cleaning can expose your home to potential damage. At a minimum, decaying debris in your gutters is an open invitation for carpenter ants and mosquitoes to make a home. Excess water in your gutters can inflict severe damage to the strength of your home's structure.


Gutters that are overflowing with debris and water can get so heavy that they can pull your gutters loose and cause water to get behind them. Overflowing water can  damage your paint and siding leaving ugly water marks. It can also lead to water inside your wall causing the wood to becoming wet, rotten and lose it integrity. This rotting wood can go unseen behind your siding, hiding potential structural damage.

Clean Freaks Enterprises, LLC is a dependable, reliable, fully insured gutter cleaning service company. We will clean 100% of the debris out of your gutters. We will also check each downspout to make sure that they are all free-flowing. 


  We are one of the highest rated service providers on Home Advisor with over 200 "perfect 5 Star ratings." This has earned us their coveted "Best Of Home Advisor" status. Additionally, Clean Freaks Enterprises, LLC is an A rated company on Angie's List. We were also awarded the Best of Flowery Branch Other Business Services award for 2019. Also, we are now a Google Guaranteed vendor

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